Stories usually start with once upon a time, but the reIMAGINEstory is about today, always about today, about the paths we choose, consciously or less consciously, things, events, feelings and emotions lived and experienced, about stories still waiting to be laid out on paper.

On the road to reIMAGINE, an MBA at Open University fused with a master’s degree in financial management and capital markets to outline the graduate of International Economic Relations university, a career in Marketing and Advertising, Top management at international level and being part of an operational fusion, the professional competence in strategy and communication, first in corporate and then entrepreneurial environment, the relations with the people that ensure the common binder of all, all give a form in which the content is still discovered and rediscovered.

I met the tarot since childhood and I was fascinated, like, maybe all of us, by the power of symbols, by these cards that could answer my questions…. But the tarot doesn’t answer the questions you ask, and that’s what I learned from Georges, Georges Colleuil. The tarot constantly asks and challenges you, it can guide you or it can be, simply, another recipe.
It depends only on us how we choose to relate to things, people, events, situations that occur to us along the way. This is how the tarot reappeared on my way, this time in a method of self-knowledge called by its creator the Birth Chart Depository.
What is the Birth Chart Depository? A therapeutic method of analysis and personal development. But it is something else for each person it comes in contact with, even for a short time, with this framework in which the tarot arcana become a guide to ourselves.

At the moment I am a certified practitioner and trainer in Georges’ method and I still discover things about myself alongside the participants in the in-depth courses of the method or in the individual sessions and to whom I thank for openness and the lessons they provide, lessons that are still surprising me.

A world rich in symbols, a world in which, based on your birthday, you can have some landmarks, you can continue your own path of self-knowledge and personal development. This is the tarot from my perspective, as a certified practitioner and trainer in the Birth Chart Depository Method.

To all this is added a flavor of Conscious Business, a training course with Axialent, a company that has over 15 years of experience in programs regarding change dedicated to companies and organizations around the world. The concepts underlying the Conscious Business theme are about people who are or become aware of the impact of their own habits and actions on the environment and on the organization they belong to. Conscious Business addresses people who know their strengths and weaknesses, who are ready to lead or coordinate in an interactive and inspiring way.
Conscious business needs authentic leaders who do not express themselves through domination and control in achieving goals, who serve both the business or the task, the people involved be they customers, suppliers or colleagues, the community. Leaders who are successful beyond success are those who inspire through inner strength, clarity and vision, they are those who provide an environment for personal and organizational growth.

And as nothing is by chance, a special meeting took place with Alain Cardon, within Metasysteme Coaching, a meeting that consolidated all the acquisitions so far through the completion of Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching.

Fractals, behavioral, emotional, family patterns. Intuition, all these symbols are inseparable in my assumed desire to meet those who are on the path of self-knowledge, in a personal or professional impasse.

Starting 2021 I have started the Long Year Professional training in Compassionate Inquiry®, a therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, an approach designed to bring to our awareness what lies beyond the story we present to the world.

The essence of trauma, beyond any dysfunctional behavior, addiction, illness, confusion, possible mental blocks, lies in the disconnection from our deepest selves. By applying Compassionate Inquiry® both the client and the therapist can recognize the beliefs, the unconscious behaviors that rule their lives and ways to free themselves from them.

Through Compassionate Inquiry®, the client has the opportunity to explore with the therapist the beliefs, implicit memory, bodily and mental states that underlie the behaviors we express in the world.

I can’t wait to meet you!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Monica Magureanu semnatura